About Lancor International

Lancor International was founded with the intention of being a B2C solutions provider for the Alternative Investment market. This market has, in the past, had various stigmas attached to it and has been perceived as a more volatile risk environment for investors. Increasingly this is not the case as, due to recent reports, investors seek to mitigate investment risk by diversifying their portfolios. Nearly half of all individual investors now have Alternative Investments as part of their investment strategies due to stock market and commodity fluctuations which up until the last 2 decades were traditionally seen as more risk averse sectors.
However things have changed. In 2007, there were just 171 mutual funds that fell under the “liquid alternative” rubric. Today, there are well over 600. These finds encompass a variety of strategies that generally shouldn’t be lumped together when discussing performance or their role in a portfolio.

“73% of financial advisers use alternative investments in their clients’ portfolios.” source: PWC.

Since the 2008 market crash and subsequent and ongoing financial crisis there has been a marked and rapid portfolio diversification that is taking place with sophisticated investors. Far from being viewed as a less stable market, Alternative Investments are being seen as a risk mitigation market. While the stock markets are seen as volatile, Alternative Investments such as property and property bonds are increasingly seen by investors as a source of stability for their portfolios instead of the other way around. Also due to very poor interest rates for savers and the now, hard learned knowledge, of the banking industry’s systemic inherent faults, investors are seeking to move some of their capital in the direction of Alternatives.

Lancor’s aim is to continually source the best opportunities for our clients that the Alternative Investment market has to offer. Our objective is to provide a portfolio of core offerings and strategies that reflect our knowledge of the Alternative Investment market that provide competitive and consistent rates of return while also mitigating risk. Lancor conducts its own rigorous and intensive due diligence with all our strategic partners, and we also aim to provide a bespoke service for our clients combined with various financial entry levels.

These strategic investment options are now globally based and our future growth sectors aim to reflect this. Lancor have already begun this process by the opening of our new office in Portugal. Lancor is identifying upcoming tremendous opportunities both in Portugal and elsewhere globally which can offer far higher returns than banks and other investment vehicles are currently offering in the Alternative Investment market


To read more about Lancor’s attitude to Brexit, read our online article at The Wealth Scene.

“In many aspects of life, indeed, wealth does command top grade products or services. For that reason, the financial “elites” – wealthy individuals, pension funds, college endowments and the like – have great trouble meekly signing up for a financial product or service that is available as well to people investing only a few thousand dollars.”

Warren Buffett

Lancor has a dedicated team of analysts and industry professionals who provide decades of experience and proven track records.

This team is headed up by:

Rollo Bowden—Managing Director

Rollo Bowden is the original founder of Lancor International. He was educated at Sherborne Public School and graduated with a BA from University College London. His career began in management at NBJ Leisure (the original holding company for the Soho House Group) where he rose to become the operations manager for the Group which at the time was for 5 sites in the UK. Rollo was also part of the senior management team that launched the Soho House project from its inception andworked on a daily basis with Nick Jones, the owner of the Soho House brand. As such Rollo is also one of the few founding members of the now world-renowned Soho House.

Rollo subsequently moved to Australia where he married and began a construction company which won tenders to build sections of the Sydney Olympic Stadium with his company MF Construction for the 2000 Olympics. He then returned to the UK and went on to become Business Development Director for a dotcom training company which went public in 2001. After co-authoring Henley Management College’s 2002 report Digital Learning in the 21st Century, Rollo Bowden Communications Ltd was born. Specialising in digital learning and government communications, the corporate communications business ran conferences in Europe with both ministerial and parliamentary representatives.

It was this exposure to both the technology and construction/real estate industries that sparked Rollo’s ever increasing interest in the Alternative Investment market, which after years of his successful investing led to the creation of Lancor International.

After initially returning to the UK, Rollo now lives between Portugal and Britain, which has enabled Lancor to establish offices in both countries. This enables Lancor to be one of the few Alternative Investment companies that has a presence “in the eye” of the Brexit storm.

In his private life, Rollo has been a well known active volunteer and fundraiser for various animal shelters and charities in the Algarve, as well as being an avid amateur military, economic and political historian.

The Owners of Lancor International

Lancor International is a family run business with Laura Stephenson as the direct owner. Laura, a well known international show jumper who has won gold medals for Great Britain, has known Rollo Bowden all her life; indeed, the Stephenson and Bowden families have known each other for over 40 years. Therefore we can really say that Lancor is a family concern which intends to reflect our core values of honesty and integrity.

Laura’s parents’ David and Hazel have been the founders and owners of Bradbury Stephenson, a highly successful property investment and management company, that is in effect a closed fund. Bradbury Stephenson has been advising clients, investing in an exclusive type of investment since 1983 and have become one of the North of England’s most successful property businesses in this field such as dealing with top auction houses, Savills and Allsops. Also Bradbury Stephenson have made significant acquisitions from public companies such as British Rail and the Co-operative society. Thus the company manages multi-million pounds of investment holdings on behalf of its clients.

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