Strategic Focus

Lancor International aims to provide an ever increasing portfolio of international alternative investment options for our clients. We have various strategies that not only bring assured and consistent returns but also provide investment portfolio diversification possibilities. We wish to become a leading and innovative alternative investment strategy provider which can also provide the best bespoke options for our clients.

Capital Growth

Lancor also provides investors with opportunities to not only receive healthy returns but also the ability to sustain long term capital growth. The products we offer try to ensure both these criteria are met and will cross a wide area of sectors and with exit strategies in place. We have also ensured that the entry levels for these strategies are graded to suit the majority of our clients’ needs.

Due Diligence, Integrity and Ethical Investment

Lancor has conducted a rigorous due diligence process, both with our strategic partners and the products they are offering, to ensure their secure viability for our investors. Indeed the majority of the offerings we propose to clients we have already invested in ourselves. Our commitment to our clients is to offer the very best that the Alternative Investment sector has to offer both in terms of returns and investment risk mitigation. Lancor takes great pains to ensure that all our investment offerings minimise environmental impact, comply with “fair trade” guidelines and “just” working labour laws.

Successful Investing

This all leads to one key point which is investor satisfaction and success. When our clients are satisfied, Lancor International has done its job and with this principle in mind, client satisfaction is an absolute priority. We also guide our clients through every stage of the investment process and try to ensure that our products have the option for active investor participation and also the “armchair investment” possibility. Clients have the option to choose.

Lancor International are an Alternative Investment Consultancy company

We provide both traditional and innovative investment strategies, and continually aim to source the best opportunities for our clients that the Alternative Investment market has to offer.


Our aim is to provide a portfolio of core offerings and strategies that reflect our knowledge of the Alternative Investment market that provide competitive and consistent rates of return while also mitigating risk. We also aim to provide a bespoke service for our clients combined with various financial entry levels. These strategic investment options are now globally based; our future growth sectors aim to reflect this, and Lancor has already begun this process by the opening of our new office in Portugal.

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